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Wednesday, March 18 de 2015

Ministry of Finance announces schedule of placements in its local market for a total amount of US$ 7.0 billion in 2015

The Ministry of Finance announces its public debt auctions calendar for 2015, both in pesos and UFs (unidades de fomento, an inflation-indexed unit of account), for a total amount of US$7.0 billion, approximately.

From April 22 to November 11, the Government of Chile will conduct monthly local auctions of denominated bonds in Chilean peso, in its local market.

The calendar with dates and amounts for each auction is available in the table below, and also in the web page of the Ministry of Finance.

2015 Calendar:

Fechas BTP BTU
Million of PesosThousand of UF

Long 10 years

20 years 30 years (reopening)Long 5 yearsLong 10 years20 years30 years (reopening)
Apr 22, 15 755,000
May 20, 15 31,000
Jun 17, 15 630,000
Jul 1st, 15 25,500
Sep 2, 15 25,500
Oct 14, 15 500,000
Nov 11, 15 20,500
Total 755.000 630.000 500.000 25.500     31.000 25.500 20.500

2015 issuances include the following bonds:

i.            Long 10-year bond in pesos (BTP-10 with maturity in 2026), up to Ch$755 billion (US$1.2 billion approximately).
ii.            20-year bond in pesos (BTP-20), up to Ch$630 billion (US$1.0 billion approximately)
iii.            Reopening of a 30-year Bond in pesos (BTP-30, issued on 1 January 2013), up to Ch$320 billion (US$0.8 billion approximately)
iv.            Long 5-year bond in UF (BTU-5 with maturity in 2021), up to UF$25.5 million (US$1.0 billion approximately).
v.            Long 10-year bond in UF (BTU-10 with maturity in 2026), up to UF$31 million (US$1.2 billion approximately).
vi.            20-year bond in UF (BTU-20), up to UF$25.5 million (US$1.0 billion approximately).
vii.            Reopening of a 30-year Bond in UF (BTP-30, issued on 1 January 2014), up to UF 20.5 million (US$0.8 billion approximately).

Monthly auctions will take place, each for the total amount of a given bond. This aims to follow best practices in the world, as it strengthening the benchmark liquidity from the first issuance of each bond. At the same time, it will help attract foreign investors to the local market, in order to achieve a more integrated financial market.

This issuance schedule may be subject to modifications in the event of a significant change in market conditions. In that case, the change will be reported in due course.

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